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When you start to learn how to form a Colorado LLC or Incorporate, you will see that the process is very defined and specific in what must be done.  Filing a limited liability company in Colorado is regulated and based on laws issued at the state level. The Colorado Secretary of State is tasked with the process of filing for your Colorado Corporation.  It can be an easy thing to do if you follow the instructions as defined in the Colorado Corporate Statutes.  Let's first talk about how to form an LLC in Colorado.

Form a Colorado LLC

In Colorado, to form an LLC you will need to file Articles of Organization.  They also want your submission to come electronically, and this can be done online at their website here, Form a Colorado LLC.  

Naming your Colorado LLC

The name of a limited liability company must contain the term or abbreviation “limited liability company”, “ltd. liability company”, “limited liability co.”, “ltd. liability co.”, “limited”, “l.l.c.”, “llc”, or “ltd.”.  The name of your LLC must also be available and you can search for this using the link at the bottom of this page.  

Additional Filing Requirements

You must also make sure that you are completing the documents as described by the statutes for the State of Colorado.  First you will want to make sure that you have the name as described above, next you'll need to supply a registered agent, a list of organizers, the business street address and the business mailing address, and information about where the business is managed by members or managers.

Remember that the Colorado LLC can be filed online to keep it simple and easy.  You'll need to pay the required fee for the filing and then wait for the approved documents to arrive.

Incorporating in Colorado

Incorporate in Colorado follows a very similar process to forming an LLC as described above.  You first will have to find an available name that meets the name requirements described here.  

Naming a Colorado Corporation

The first step is to enter the name you’ve chosen for your entity. The name of a profit corporation must contain the term or abbreviation

  1. "Corporation"
  2. "Incorporated"
  3. "Company"
  4. "Limited"
  5. "Corp."
  6. "Inc."
  7. "Co."
  8. "Ltd."

As a general rule, you will want to avoid any reserved words that may be associated with state or federal regulated industries.  These words may require approval before they can be used (ie. Bank, Banc)

Additional Incorporation Help

You'll also want to ensure that you decide about whether to file a C Corporation or an S Corporation.  The S corporation will provide pass through taxation while the C corporation will act more like a standalone individual.  You will also need to supply a registered agent who has a physical address in the state of Colorado.  Don't make the mistake of supplying a P.O. box as it is not acceptable and will lead to a rejected application.  Lastly, be sure that you submit the right payment amount for any copies, filing fees, or certifications that you should order.  

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