How to Form a Delaware LLC or Delaware Corporation

The beautiful State of Delaware is home to the State bird, the Delaware Blue Hen, and also Cape Henelopen State Park.  But more than the beautiful scenery, they are home to more than half of the fortune 500 companies.  More than half of U.S. publicly-traded companies and fully 64 percent of the Fortune500 were among that number, according to the state's Division of Corporations.  Wow!!! Right?  So, the only way to describe Delaware, is corporation and LLC friendly.  The Delaware Corporations Division, also boasts that more than 1 million businesses are registered there.  PSST...PSST.  ( Only 950,000 ) residents live in Delaware, so this means that people are forming businesses in the State, but they don't actually live in the State.  

That is right, a lot of people form what is called Foreign Corportaions in Delaware, and out of State Corporations. Businesses choose to for an LLC or Corporation in Delaware for many different reasons, but mainly because they provide a complete package of incorporation services.  The Delaware Corporation Law is the most flexible and advanced business statute in the United States.   The State has also written most of the modern US modern case law.  But mostly this state is chosen because they are business friendly and very pro-business in their corporate rulings.

Form a Delaware LLC

The State of Delaware isn't messing around when it comes to filing an LLC, they have kept it short and simple. They apparently don't want too many bottlenecks in the formation process.  Which is great for us filing those types of corporate entities. 

Naming Rules for LLC in Delaware

The name of the limited liability company exactly as you wish it to appear in our records. You'll need to visit the Corporate website to check for name availability.   The name must include the words “Limited Liability Company” or the abbreviation “L.L.C.” or the designation “LLC”.  Appropriate ending identifiers:

  1. limited liability company
  2. L.L.C.
  3. LLC

Other Requirements

You'll also need the name and address of a registered agent, and then finally signed by the organizer.  And that is it!  Check out the sample Delaware LLC form.

Incorporate in Delaware

As mentioned above, Delaware is a great place to register a Corporation, and you can do it easily using their online forms.  You'll need to have a valid name, a registered agent, a stated general purpose, details about stock issuance, and the name and mailing address of the incorporator.  

Delaware Corporation Name Rules

The name must include one of the following words:

  1. association
  2. company
  3. foundation
  4. club
  5. corporation
  6. union
  7. incorporated
  8. institute
  9. fund
  10. society
  11. syndicate
  12. limited
  13. or abbreviations of the above


Delaware Secretary of State Links:
Secretary of State Address :
Division of Corporations
PO Box 898
Dover, DE 19903
Secretary of State Phone :
(302) 739-3073
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