Setup LLC or Corporation in Georgia

The Great State of Georgia has amazing sites to see and experience, one of those being the Georgia peach.  Georgia is the third largest producer of peaches in the United States.  All of these peach growers are probably either incorporated or have formed an LLC to protect their personal assets.  There are numerous reasons why a business should form an LLC or corporation, but here are some of the more popular reasons:

  1. limited liability protection - affords the business owner protection by separating business and personal assets.
  2. Build business credit - since your LLC or corporation will exist separate from you the individual, you will be able to build credit for this business over time.

Form a Georgia LLC

The limited liability company in Georgia is similar to most other states in that it can provide the owners with limited liability protection as long as the business is operated correctly and separately from the members other personal assets.  When forming a LLC you will want to make sure that you have properly completed the Articles of Organization as defined in the State statutes.  One of the main issues is getting an available LLC name and here are a few of the endings:

  1. "limited liability company"
  2. "limited company" (it being permitted to abbreviate the word "limited" as "ltd." and the word "company" as "co.")
  3. "L.L.C."
  4. "LLC"
  5. "L.C."
  6. "LC";

Additional LLC requirements

  • The LLC must be named
  • THe LLC must be signed by the Organizer of the LLC

As you can see, filing an LLC in Georgia is a very simple procedure.

Incorporate in Georgia

The other popular entity type for obtaining limited liability protection is to file an Incorporation.  The Corporation can be setup ultimately as a C Corporation or an S Corporation.  The C Corporation is the default entity type for all corporations at the State Level.  The S Corporaiton is a designation that is selected with the IRS by filing form 1120-S.  

Choosing a Corporation Name in Georgia

A Georgia Corporation must contain the word "corporation," "incorporated," "company," or "limited," or the abbreviation "corp.," "inc.," "co.," or "ltd.," or words or abbreviations of like.  These ending identifiers will tell your customers and creditors that you are incorporated, just be reading the name of the business.

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