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The State of Kansas is a place known for Dorthy and the Wizard of Oz, but it is so much more than that.  There are many beautiful destinations in the state such as Moment Rocks, Lawrence Wetlands, Wichita, and the Oxford Mill.  The state has more than just beautiful sights, it also has a robust economy that is backed by corporation law.  In the State of Kansas, business owners can form either an LLC and the Corporation.

Form a Kansas LLC

The Kansas LLC is very popular filing type throughout the country, and in Kansas as well.  In order to file an LLC, you will need to follow the state statutes.  Here are a few filing tips:

  1. Your LLC must have the right ending, or must contain the following words:  "limited liability company", "LLC", "L.L.C"
  2. The Aricles of Organization must be signed by an Organizer.
  3. The LLC must have at least one member who is over 18.
  4. Your registered agent must have a physical street address and they can receive mail at this address.  

The LLC, or limited liability company, is a newer filing type and one that you can file for your company in the state of Kansas.  It will provide you with limited liability protection in most situations, and pass through taxation in most situations.  

Incorporate in Kansas

Choosing to Incorporate in Kansas will offer you some of the similar benefits mentioned above and that apply to the LLC.  You will need to file Articles of Incorporation which you can do directly at the Kansas Secretary of State online.  The Articles will need to have the following information:

  1. Have an available name that matches the requirements defined by the state statutes and must include the words "Corporation", "Incorporated", "Inc", "Corp".
  2. The registered agent must be a physical address within the State of Kansas, and a person must be willing to accept paperwork and mailings and forward them onto the business.
  3. You must provide information about the shares.
  4. The articles must be signed by an incorporator.
  5. You will need to provide a street address for the business and a mailing address.

The Incorporation entity will provide you with many benefits for your corporation, so let's list a few:

  • Limited liability protection
  • S-Corporations can have pass through taxation.
  • C-Corporations can be taxed as a stand alone entity responsible for paying taxes.
  • Shares can be issued and distributed to owners.

Best of luck with your Corporation Filing.

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