Corporations and LLCs in the State of Arizona

In the Great State of Arizona, business owners are allowed to file both Corporations and LLCs with the Corporations Division.  The process is straightforward and in many cases the business owner can file on their own without an Attorney or CPA to get involved.  You will need to prepare Articles of Incorporation for Corporation filing, and Articles of Organization for an LLC. 

Arizona Corporations

The Arizona Corporation is created by submitting Articles of Incorporation to the Arizona Corporations Commission.  When they are filed, they must be accompanied with the appropriate fee, which is currently $60.  You must include an available name when submitting to the state.  If you have a perfect name, you'll be able to submit a Name Reservation to make sure that you don't loose the name.  However, if you feel that you'll paperwork will be submitted about the same time as your Name registration then you might just want to submit them together. 

Choosing a Corporation Name

When you Incorporate in Arizona, you will need to choose a name for your business.  The business name will need to be selected after you review the list of available names in the state.  To do this, you will need to do a search for the available names using the appropriate website on the Arizons Corporations website. You will next need to make sure that you are using an appropriate ending name identifier:

  1. "XYZ Corporation"
  2. "XYZ Incorporation"
  3. "XYZ Inc."
  4. "XYZ Corp."

To read all about Naming a Arizona Corporation read the following link, it will help you to know all of the details.  There are reserved name words such as BANK or BANC which will need you to get approval before you can use these names.  For a Corporation Name, you will also not be able to use the words LLC, Limited Liability Company, etc.  As a general rule, you will need to not use a name that misrepresents your company and this is the reason they limit certain words in use.


Arizona LLCs

The Arizona LLC filing can be completed in just a short amount of time, and the filing fee for this at the Secretary of State is just $50.  In Arizona, the LLC filing is completed by sending in completed Articles of Organization to the Arizona Corporations Commission.  The process isn't too complex, but the paperwork must be done exactly as requested in the State Laws, otherwise the submission will get rejected.

Choosing a Limited Liability Name for an Arizona LLC

The naming of an LLC cannot use words like "INC", or "Corporation" obviously because this will misrepresent what the type of filing is for your business.  You can have the proper endings:

  1. "XYZ Limited Liability Company"
  2. "XYZ LLC"
  3. "XYZ Limited Company"

If you feel that you need some more detailed information about naming an LLC in Arizona, please check out the page linked here.


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