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The Great State of Mississippi is name after "Old Man River", or the "Great River" or the Mississippi River.  In Mississippi you can visit historic battlefields, visit a riverboat casino, or the birthplace of Elvis Presley.  Visitors can have a great time in the state, and it also a good place to think about setting up a new business.  If you want to form an LLC in Mississippi or Incorporate in Mississippi, we have some important tips for you.   Don't worry if you don't have all of the answers now, be we will hopefully share some valuable tips and strategies for setting up your corporate entity.  

Form an LLC In Mississippi

The process to form an llc in Mississippi, can be easy if you follow the right steps.  We have put together some helpful information to get you started in the process.  Let's us first discuss the reasons that you may want to choose an LLC structure:

  1. Pass through taxation:  This is a popular reason as it gets the business owner away from the concept of double taxation.  Double taxation is where the business owner can find thereself stuck with paying taxes twice on some portion of income earned.  This is due to the fact that with a C corporation, taxes are paid as if the business is a stand alone entity.  This means that under the C corporation, the business will pay the tax on income, but the shareholder will also pay taxes when the income is distributed out to the shareholders via dividends.
  2. Limited liability protection - The next popular reason to form an LLC, or corp for that matter, is the reason of limited liability protection.  The LLC in Mississippi will help you to protect your assets in the event of a lawsuit by having this benefit.  Typically this is achieved by operating your business completely separate from your personal affairs.

In addition to having extra benefits for your business, you will need to follow the steps below along your way to filing:

  • You will need to find an available name that you can register for your business.  To do this research, you can use the following form to search for available Mississippi Business Names.
  • You will need to have a registered agent who can provide you with a physical street address and not a P.O. Box.
  • You will need to have a mailing address and street address for the business.
  • Member & Manager information will need to be submitted on the Articles.
  • You will need to have an Organizer sign the articles.

Incorporate in Mississippi

The Corporation, or Incorporation, is a special type of entity that can be filed in all 50 US states.  This entity has existed longer than the LLC structure, and you can Incorporate in Mississippi.  It has some similarities to the LLC structure, or should I say, the LLC has some similarities to the Corporate Structure.  This is because the Corp has existed longer than the LLC.  Here are a few benefits of the Corporation:

  1. Just like the LLC, you get limited liability protection
  2. You can choose two sub types: a.) C Corporation b.) S Corporation.
  3. The C Corporation will be taxable as a stand alone entity type.
  4. The S Corporation will be taxed as a pass through entity.
  5. A corporation will issue shares to the owners, who are called shareholders.
  6. Shares can be sold or transferred based on what is agreed up and described in the ByLaws of the Corp.
  7. Just like an LLC, the corporation must have a registered agent with a physical street address and not a PO Box.

Picking an Name for your Corporation

You should do research before picking a name for your Mississippi Incorporation.  The first thing you should do is to search available names for your incorporation in Mississippi.  Once you find a good name that you like, make sure that you have an appropriate ending:  "Corporation", "Incorporated", "Corp", "Inc.".  You also want to make sure that you don't use any reserved words.  These are words like "Bank" or "Banc" or any other words that may be regulated as a result of the industry that they are in.  Some common industries that have reserved words are : financial, medical, health care.

Mississippi Secretary of State Links:
Secretary of State Address :
Secretary of State, Corporations
125 S. Congress Street
Jackson, MS 39201
Secretary of State Phone :
(601) 359-1633
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