Incorporate or Create LLC in Nebraska

Let's talk football, and we don't need to go much further than the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  The Cornhuskers have a team that has a good history with many trips to bowl games.  You will see that in recent years, the team has struggled, but they continue to fight for better rankings.  So, running a business is like a football team, it's a bit cyclical, and you'll have to fight through downturns to return to the glory of your company.  In some of my previous companies, I always hit bumps in the road, and had to fight to increase sales, decrease costs, and ultimate return to growing the business. So, when you form a Nebraska LLC, or Incorporate in Nebraska please view it as a beginning to a road ahead.

Form an LLC in Nebraska

You should consider registering your business as a limited liability company to take advantage of its benefits for the owners (members).  Here are a couple of the top benefits of the LLC:

  1. limited liability protection - keeps a separation between your personal assets and business assets.  This will protect you from creditors and litigation against your business.
  2. pass through taxation - this is where the members taxation will be taxed as a pass through.  This means that you will share in your proportion of the income from the business, which will flow automatically to the tax returns of the members.  

Picking a Name for your LLC in Nebraska

When you choose a name for your LLC you will need to consider a number of factors, including the ending of the LLC name that must include certain words.  The LLC name must include one of the following words:  "limited liability company", "LLC", "L.L.C".  You must also avoid using any reserved words for your corporate name.

Incorporate in Nebraska

If you have decided that you need a corporation for your business, we have links to forms, samples, and tips that can help you to file for your Corporation.  When you file for your incorporation in the State of Nebraska, you will get a few benefits are noteworthy to mention here:

  • limited liability protection - protect your personal assets from litigation by creditor and customer lawsuits.  This is achieved by creating a separation between the business and personal assets.
  • Two types of corporation choices - You can stick with the default C corporation, or you can file for the S corporation with the IRS.  Once filing with the IRS for S corporation you will get pass through taxation for your business.

Naming your Nebraska Corporation

The name must have an ending identifier including one of the following words:  "corporation", "incorporated", "Inc.", "Corp.".  You also have to make sure that you don't use any reserved words like "Bank", "Banc" or other words related to finance, medical, healthcare.  If you are dealing with a regulated industry, it is likely that your name may be regulated.

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