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The State of New Mexico is really a beautiful place that has so much to see.  They have destinations like the Carlsbad Caverns, The White Sands, and of course Los Alamos.  The state is also home to PNM resources, Inc which is a multi billion dollar company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  The State is beautiful, the people are beautiful, and it's a vibrant economy for a small business to thrive in.  If you feel that you are ready to incorporate in New Mexico, or form an LLC in New Mexico, then we encourage you to read on below to learn some valuable tips.  Our following suggestions will help you to begin the registration process and do it all on your own.

Form a New Mexico LLC

The process of forming an LLC in New Mexico has to followed exactly as is required by NM statutes.  There are a few main points that must be done correctly, in order get the document filed and we'll go over those now.

  1. Find an Available Name - You will need to search on the New Mexico Business Name Search website to find an available name that meets the name requirements.  The name must end in "limited liability company" or LLC.
  2. Duration of the LLC - They request the end date of the LLC or you can list as perpetual.
  3. Registered Agent - Provide name and address of RA who is located in New Mexico.
  4. Mail Address - You need to provide the mailing address of the company.
  5. Member Detail - The owners are called members, and you will need to provide details on the members & managers.
  6. Organizer - The article will need to be signed by an Orgnizer of the LLC.

There are a number of other details that will be needed, so please be careful in completing the form to form LLC in New Mexico.  Here is a sample form, so please review the document.

Two important benefits of LLC in NM

  1. limited liability protection - Keeps your personal assets separated from your business assets.  This limits your risk.
  2. pass through taxation - The pass through entity can be obtained with either an LLC or a S Corporation, not the C corporation.   

Incorporate in New Mexico

The corporation has a few exciting benefits, and two of them are the same two that were listed just above.  The LLC has limited liability protection and pass through taxation.  One of the main reasons that people want to form an LLC is to protect their personal assets from any of the business litigation that may occur.  To have a separation can be a great way to operate your business by keeping your obligations totally separate from each other.   This will allow you to run your business in a proper way, allowing you to setup certain budgets, and other accounting/finance functions to optimize your business for success.

Choosing a Business Name in NM

It is common for a new business owner to get delayed in registering their business if they cannot settle on a business name that they love.  You should make sure that you don't have any unrealistic expectations for having the perfect name, because you may just have a hard time finding a perfect name.  With this said, you should definitely strive for a perfect name, and work hard to obtain this goal.  However, when the time is right to file your corporation, you will want to proceed confidently with the filing.  

Structurally, you will need to ensure that your corporation has one of the following identifiers:  The corporation name must contain the separate word “corporation,” “company,” “incorporated” or “limited” or an abbreviation of such words.

Here is where you can search for an available New Mexico Corporation Name.

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