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Ohio is an beautiful state, and the home of the Buckeyes.  It am always amazed at how much the fans love football, and how much red you see in the stadium, and how there seems to not be any open seats.  What this tells me as a business owner is that the economy is strong.  People have disposable income, and the economy is robust and doing well.  If there wasn't a strong economy, would people spend their money on football?  Probably not, and because of this thousands of people are registering businesses in the state each year.  Let's continue to talk about how to form an LLC in Ohio or Incorporate in Ohio.  These are both very popular filing types that are selected by thousands of customers annually.

Form an Ohio LLC

When you are forming a LLC in Ohio, you may find that there are some questions that you are finding difficult to answer.  This is the purpose of this website, to help you file your LLC documents in an easy and simple way.  We can go over some of the common questions that business owners have now to make the process easier:

  1. You will need to research for available names to register using the states website.
  2. An LLC business must have the appropriate ending identifier of "limited liability company", "L.L.C.", "LLC"
  3. You must provide the name and physical address of a registered agent in the state.  The address must be a physical street address and not be a P.O. Box.
  4. You will need to provide your business address and mailing address.
  5. The articles must be signed by an Organizer.
  6. You will need information about the members and managers of the LLC.

The Ohio LLC Name Search

The search for an LLC name in Ohio is begun with a visit to the Business Name Search in Ohio website.  The first that you'll want to do is think about what product or service you are providing.  Once you have a handle on the what the business is doing, you may want to look at competitors and then ultimately see what types of names they are using and use this as a reference.  The you'll need to use the online search tool to search for your own unique name that is a fit for your business.

If you want to complicate it a little bit, you can also search for a domain name at the same time to make sure that you like the business name and domain name combination.  You will find that it may be a challenge to find them both available and it is more likely that one is available while the other is not.  If it gets to be too hard to link them or have them similar then you can start with the corporate name and after this is selected then try to get the domain name from Godaddy.

Incorporate in Ohio

The Great State of Ohio is a wonderful place to have a business and also operate it as a Corporation.  The reason that most people either choose a limited liability company or a corp is for the limited liability protection that is granted.  The courts have determined that these two entity types are allowed to have their personal assets kept legally separate from their business assets.  With this comes some challenges and so you'll have to follow the guidelines and rules to ensure that you keep this benefit and that the corporate veil ultimately won't get pierced.  The way that you do it is to keep 100% of the business assets, transactions, credit cards, bank accounts, etc in business name only.  You will also want to ensure that you pay yourself with business funds and that you don't simply draw on business funds.  By operating it as a professional entity, they courts will likely determine that your business and personal assets are separate.  

Choosing a Name for your Corporation

Let us reference you to the section above regarding naming an LLC in Ohio.  The finding of a corporate name as well as some of the thought processes and methods are similar.  But when you land on the state website, make sure that you are searching for corporation names and not LLCs.  

Next, you will need to have the appropriate ending identifier for your business.  The following can be used:  "Corporation", "Incorporated", "Inc.", "Corp".  One of these must be included in your domain name.

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