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Oklahoma is a beautiful state that you should visit if you have never been there. In the state the love the Oklahoma Sooners and they love baseball.  Aside from sports though, the state has a good business environment that business owners choose to form business in each year.   If you are looking to form an LLC in Oklahoma, you can do so using the links to samples and forms on this page.  In order to incorporate in Oklahoma you can also find great tips, information, samples, and forms that will allow you to quickly setup a business entity.  Please review the information below and always send us an email if you have questions or further assistance.

Form an LLC in Oklahoma

Oklahoma has two popular entities that you can file in order to get benefits for your business.  The more popular one is the LLC, or limited liability company, and you can file this by submitting Articles of Organization with the Secretary of State and paying the required filing fee.  There are two main benefits that you can receive by filing the LLC entity:

  1. pass through taxation - by default the LLC will grant the members, owners, pass through taxation.  This means that you will possibly avoid double taxation, or paying tax twice on the same income.  The double taxation occurs when more commonly with corporations.  
  2. limited liability protection - the llc and corporation both get the benefit of limited liability protection.  This protection will afford the business owner with the benefit of separating their personal and business assets.  This essentially means that the creditors and customers who who may sue the company, are limited to the assets that the business has.  This is different than a sole proprietorship or general partnership that will have all of the personal and business assets subject to claims of a lawsuit.  

These benefits also come with a few extra things that must be done for having an LLC:

  • The LLC will have its own taxes to file at the end of each year.  The members, or owners, will get their own K1 form that must be included with their personal tax return.
  • The LLC will have annual fee that must be paid to the state each year.
  • The LLC will be required to abide by the "Operating Agreement" for the LLC, this will tell the members how the organization will run and what are the limits for the business and the members.

Incorporate in Oklahoma

You can Incorporate in Oklahoma in just a few easy steps following the forms and samples that we have on this page.  You will be able to follow the tips below to setup a corporation:

  • You will need to have a available and proper name for the LLC.  The name must end in "limited liability company", "LLC", or "L.L.C.".
  • You must provide a business address and mailing address.
  • You must provide a Registered Agent, who is willing to accept mail on behalf of the LLC and forward it to the appropriate people.
  • The LLC must be signed by an organizer who is setting up the limited liability company.

Search for an Oklahoma LLC Name

The name can be searched for online using the Secretary of States Corporate website.  The Corporate website is a great resource to do a name lookup.  Remember as we mentioned above you will need to make sure that you end your limited liability company name in: "Limited Liability Company", "LLC", "L.L.C".  These are the ending identifiers required by the State of Oklahoma.


Oklahoma Secretary of State Links:
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Secretary of State Phone :
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