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The Great State of Pennsylvania is know for historic battlefields from the Civil War.  This is the war that set our country on a great path by the Northern armies being triumphant over the South.  There are great generals who fought in the war, General Lee, and General Grant.  The State of Pennsylvania is a progressive state that has gone on to be the home of many great people and many great businesses.  A reason for this success is having a good corporate structure for which you can setup a business entity.  The benefits of setting up an entity are:

  1. Both the LLC and Corporation will get the benefit of limited liability protection.  This is the benefit that the courts provide that keeps a separation between your personal assets and business assets.  This is great because if you have $100,000 personally and $100,000 in the business, the courts would only make accessible the $100,000 that the business has in the event you were sued and lost a court case.  If you were a sole proprietorship, this is a bad way to operate as both your personal and business assets could be used to satisfy a corporate judgment.  In the case above this would total $200,000.
  2. Pass through Taxation - both the corporation and LLC can get pass through taxation for the business entity.  The benefit is where the negative event of double taxation can be avoided in most instances.  Double taxation occurs when the C corporation will pay taxes on the income earned, and again pay taxes on the distribution of dividends to the owners.  The owners will pay a second tax on the dividends distributed thus having a second tax due on the dividend distribution.  So this tax is on the retained income in the business.

Let's follow on now to talk about the LLC and Corporations

Form an LLC in Pennsylvania

When forming an LLC in Pennsylvania, you will want file either online, or Articles of Organization.  The Articles that you must file need to have certain fields or information contained on them.  This process isn't hard if you follow what is required, but you can make mistakes so please follow our tips carefully.

  1. You must have an available name in the State of Pennsylvania.  The name must also not have any reserved words and it cannot be too similar to any other names that are registered. For example, you cannot typically file "Cammp Muffin" if the LLC name "Camp Muffin" has already been filed.  As you can see, there is only one character difference and it can be ambiguous to customers which company their are dealing with.
  2. The LLC name must end in one of the following identifiers: "limited liability company", "LLC", "L.L.C."

Forming your first business can be both exciting and stressful.  The goal of our site is to help ease your apprehension with self filing either online or in paper form.

Incorporate in Pennsylvania

The corporate entity is a very popular form of entity that can be filed in two different ways.  The first is the C-corporation and the second is the S-Corporation.  The C-Corporation is exciting because this is what many of the largest companies in the United States using for their public companies.  The C-corporation is a stand alone entity, which means the corporation is ultimately responsible for writing the check for any taxes due.  So, no shareholder, or owner, is essentially responsible for writing a personal check for the taxes due.  The S-corporation on the other hand is by default a pass through entity, similar to an LLC.

Find a Name for your Corporation in Pennsylvania

To find a corporation name in Penn, you will need to use the online forms and searching tools provided by the state.  It is really quite easy but there are some tips that we can suggest for you.  When you search you are going to have to look for names that are not confusingly similar.  If the name is too similar, maybe with online a character different, or it sounds the same, the state may reject this name.  You will need to make sure that when you file the name that it is totally unique and not already registered by another company.  Lastly, one of the following endings must be included for the company:

  • "Corporation"
  • "Incorporated"
  • "Corp."
  • "Inc."
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