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Incorporating or Forming an LLC in Oregon is completed by submitting Articles of Incorporation or Articles of Organization to the Secretary of State.  You can contact the Oregon Secretary of State:

When you have questions that you cannot answer on this website, it is a great idea to reach out the Secretary of State with your questions.  They will be able to provide you with very specific guidance and help with your questions.  Then you can return to this website to finish the filing of your Corporation or LLC.

Incorporate in Oregon

Thousands of businesses chose to register in the State of Oregon to do business.  One of a big reasons why companies have decided to form businesses in Oregon is because the sales tax rate is currently 0%.  Which means for online companies that they don't charge sales tax for any customer in the United States.  So, large online retailers like BlueNile.com have decided to call Oregon Home.  For online retailers in most states, they need to online charge sales tax in the states where they have physical locations, but with a state like Oregon, there is no state sales tax to worry about.  But don't stop there, because Oregon has a bad rap for income tax as it is one of the higher rates in the nation.  So, talk to a CPA or accountant in the state before you move forward with your business filing to make sure it is right for you.

Choosing a Name for you Corporation

The corporate name in Oregon should have one of the following ending identifiers:

  1. Co.
  2. Corporation
  3. Incorporated
  4. Inc.
  5. Corp.
  6. Ltd.
  7. Limited
  8. Company

Benefits of Oregon Corp

  • Limited Liability Protection
  • Pass through tax status with S-Corp filing
  • Separate business entity (C-corp)

Form an Oregon LLC

In Oregon, the newer entity for filing is the LLC, or limited liability company.  The LLC is a popular filing type because it offers "pass through" taxation to the business owner.  The formation of the LLC is done by submitting Articles of Organization to the Secretary of State.  You will need to provide:

  1. The name and address of a registered agent
  2. Have an appropriate and available business name
  3. Have at least one member or member/manger
  4. Submit annual reports for the business 

Name Requirements for the ending of LLC Names:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • LLC
  • L.L.C

The LLC is an exciting type of entity filing that provides it's owners with certain tax advantages, member benefits, and limited liability protection.  Be certain to talk to an accountant or lawyer before filing for your LLC.

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