Form LLC in Idaho & Idaho Corporate Filings

When you decide to form an LLC in Idaho or to setup a Corporation in Idaho, you will find that there are numerous online sources to complete the paperwork.  When forming an LLC you will need to prepare the necessary paperwork, submit the forms to the Secretary of State, and pay the required fee to the state.  Incorporating a Business in Idaho will be done using a similar process, and typically a lot of information can be found out online.  

How to Form an LLC in Idaho

The process of forming an LLC in Idaho is relatively straightforward and similar to how it is complete in other US states.  To start out you will need to select a name.  The name must have one of the following endings:

  1. limited liability company
  2. limited company
  3. LLC
  4. L.L.C.
  5. LC

The name that you choose must also be available in the State of Idaho, and remember that every state has their own Coropration and LLC names.  

Next you will have to have the name and physical street address of a registered agent in Idaho.  This cannot be a P.O. Box, and it must be somewhere that the business owner resides or has a physical office.  

Next, you will need to provide an address for the business, and a mailing address if different.  

These are some brief information about filing in Idaho, but if you have more questions you can contact us or checkout the form that is shown here:  Form an Idaho LLC

Incorporate in Idaho

There are a few good benefits from forming a corporation in Idaho, and these are some of the main reasons that people choose to file.  The Idaho Corporation can provide these benefits:

  1. Limited liability protection from creditors and customers.
  2. Pass through taxation can be obtained with the filing of an S-Corporation.
  3. You can have an EIN to separate the business from your personal assets.
  4. Going Concern - You will be able to create a business that can last forever.
  5. You can issue stock and easily transfer stock to the owners
  6. Raising Money & Getting Investors for your business
  7. Build Credit - Since the business will be a stand alone entity, it can build its own credit over time allowing the business to grow on it's own.

Picking a Corporation Name

The Idaho corporation must follow the correct naming conventions and the name that you want to choose must be available at the secretary of state.  A corporate name must contain one of the following endings:

  1. corporation
  2. incorporated
  3. company
  4. limited
  5. co
  6. ltd
  7. inc.
  8. corp.

If you want to file a corporation in Idaho, please follow the link here.  You will see the additional information here and then find more instructions on the subsequent pages.   If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.


Idaho Secretary of State Links:
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Secretary of State Phone :
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